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eBesucher is now also available in French!

Dear eBesucher member!

Our community grows at a rapid pace and is gaining worldwide popularity. After an enduring but careful translation, we are happy to announce that eBesucher will now be available in the French language. French is one of the most widely spoken languages and the official language in many countries.

The translation enables members from French speaking countries to use our service more efficiently, as many functions and opportunities on eBesucher should become easier to understand. In this regard, we hope that we will get the appropriate feedback and the eBesucher will continue to grow in France and other respective countries.

Cease this opportunity and refer new members to eBesucher! Do you have friends or acquaintances who speak French? Refer new members and we pay you a lifetime commission of 8% on the earnings of your referral. You now have the opportunity to advertise your personal referral link in French speaking countries. Your personal referral link:













Geo-Targeting improved

We have implemented a minor but nevertheless important update: The Geo-Targeting function has been improved – within the traffic exchange, you can now define the origin of your hits in percentages! For Example: At least 43% of your visitors should come from the US, not more than 12% from Norway and the remaining hits from any other country.

This extension allows you as an advertiserto weigh the countries in the traffic exchange. Despite the focus on a particular main country (e.g. Germany), it is possible to define one or moresmaller countries in order to reach out for a more elaborate dispersion of your visits. On the other hand, we also expect that more active sites will be available in the surfbar.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013!

Dear eBesucher-Members!

The year is coming to an end, and we would like to take this occasion to thank you for your trust in our project! Many important things have happened during the past 12 months: We have celebrated our 10th birthday, launched the first referral rallye and have passed the mark of 300.000 members. Whilst our platform continues to grow fast and on an international level, we are very glad to have you with us and hope that you are satisfied with our service.

We wish you and your family a merry christmas and hope that you will have a fresh start in the new year!

Best regards
your eBesucher team.

Results of our fan contest

In our last newsletter we announced a contest for everyone who likes us on facebook. This raffle is finished and today we will publish the list of winners:

  1. Michael Most**: 50 EURO
  2. Andre Sem**: 20 EURO
  3. Ростислав Ска**: 20 EURO
  4. Alex Shel**: 20 EURO
  5. Alexandr Polt**: 20 EURO
  6. Alexey Kali**: Premium-Account
  7. Виктор Дри**: Premium-Account
  8. Fabian Essl**: Premium-Account
  9. Igor Lyse**: Premium-Account
  10. Олександр Бара**: Premium-Account

We ask that all winners contact our support team. The payment of prize money may be made by Paypal, EU-Bank-Transfer or Webmoney.

We thank all users for the numerous participating!

eBesucher celebrates its 10th anniversary!

Dear eBesucher Member,

Today, on the 24th of October 2012, 10 vears have passed since eBesucher has launched
its service. Ever since, we have become the biggest German traffic exchange and are
also growing fast in other countries all around the world. Thus, with already
over 250.000 members, we are now one of the leading international exchanges.

We believe that the long-term success is a reason to celebrate and are therefore
organizing a little birthday special:

Among all the members that “like” eBesucher on facebook, we are going to run
a raffle and will give away the following prizes:
1st Rank: 50 Euro
2nd – 5th Rank: 20 Euro
6th – 10th Rank: Free Premium Account

Thumbs up to all participants and a big “thank you” to all our members!
Your eBesucher Team

Paypal payout

Since more and more members are turning their points into real money, we have added paypal as an additional payout method. Thus, the payout method is no longer restricted to european nations: Over 190 countries around over the world can now request a payout!

As a reminder: You can request a payout in the members area by clicking on ‘points’ and ‘payout’. You can apply for a payout if the total value of your points is 3 euro or more.

3 new functions for visitor exchange

Yesterday, 3 new features went online and are in full service as we speak!

Time-setting for the surfbar

The amount of time that your website is displayed in the surfbar is no longer limited to the static value of 15 seconds. You can now promote your website for 30, 45 or even 60 seconds, whereas 1 visitor exchange point will be deducted every 15 seconds (E.g.: A page view that is displayed for 45 seconds would require 3 visitor exchange points). This feature should be in the interest of advertisers as well as normal surfbar users. The exchange-ratio will stay the same, i.e. you get 3,2 visitor exchange points for a site that remains displayed for 60 seconds. Altogether, we believe that this will increase the amount of pages available and enhance the stability of the surfbar!

Unique IP filter (Premium Service)

In the past, many of you have repeatedly asked for an IP-Filter which allows you to increase the amount of unique hits for your website. We have therefore implemented an IP-suspension which allows you to manually set the time interval. The IP-suspension service is available to all premium-plus-member and affords an additional visitor exchange point for every hit.

Anonymization Domains (Premium Service)

With immediate effect, every premium-plus member will be able to set different Anonymization Domains as their referrer value. In addition to that, you can also assign your own subdomains. Thus, you can set your own company name or the description of your ad campaign in the referrer field which will be provided to the target page.


Additional information about Premium-packages is available here:

Ref-Rally: results

Dear eBesucher-Members!

Our Ref-rally ended on 01/05/2012. The winners list is on our website:

We warmly congratulate the winners and wish all members a lot of fun and good luck with eBesucher!

Further promotions and contests coming soon …

Best regards
your eBesucher team.

(Deutsch) Newsletter: Premium-Accounts verfügbar

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(Deutsch) Newsletter: Ref-Rallye – letzte Chance auf 1000 Euro!

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