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New eBesucher Add-on

Dear members,

The development of the new eBesucher add-on is finished. The add-on is now available to all our members. It can be downloaded in the members area by clicking on Traffic exchange > Surfbar > Firefox add-on.


Why do I need an Add-on?

The eBesucher add-on is a software for the Mozilla Firefox browser, which optimizes a surfing session with the eBesucher surfbar. In order to improve the earnings and to increase the stability of the surfbar, we recommend using the add-on instead of the normal link to the surfbar.

Since the previous add-on had a limited functionality, the new eBesucher add-on was designed from the ground up. It also comes with a completely new source code and a new layout.

New Features

Popup-Blocker, Cache and Cookie Cleanerrestarter

The most important new feature is the integrated cache and cookie cleaner. This allows you to automatically delete locally stored browser data, which improves the stability of the surfbar. Both the cache and the cookie cleaner can be set to automatically run every 6 hours, every day, week, or every month. Furthermore, the add-on is able to automatically close all tabs and additional popups. Simply activate the Popup-Blocker to proceed.

Using the add-on together with the restarter

A major disadvantage of the old add-on was that it could not be used together with the eBesucher restarter. As soon as the Firefox browser had crashed, a manual restart of the browser became necessary, else you would no longer earn any points.

The new add-on is now 100% compatible with the eBesucher restarter!

Please bear in mind that the add-on can not guarantee that your browser will not crash anymore. In order to run the surfbar without being interrupted, we recommend using the add-on in addition with the restarter.

Further modifications

  • The textlinks, the timer and the point earnings are now displayed.
  • The browser tab is highlighted graphically.
  • The add-on runs stable again and is less likely to crash.

What you should know

add-on_settingsAdvantages compared to the normal surfbar

  • The add-on can display sites that open a framebreaker. Those sites get you twice as many points.
  • The add-on is immune against sites that open a framebreaker or a JavaAlert window.
  • More active websites are available when using the add-on.


The add-on is compatible with Firefox version 31 or higher. It is however recommended to always use the latest Firefox browser.  A more complete description of the add-on as well as a manual that will guide you through the installation process, can be found in our wiki.

Your eBesucher team

Deactivation of the Transfer Feature

Dear members,

After a longer reflection period, we have decided to discontinue the point transfer feature. In the near future, it will thus no longer be possible to transfer points from one user to another – either in the members area, nor through the interface. The traffic exchange points (BTP) and the mail exchange points (MTP) can then solely be transferred between eBesucher and a user. Those of you who decide to advertise through eBesucher will still be able to purchase points through the ‘Buy advertising’ -section. Any member that chooses to exchange his points into money will still be able to do so through the members area (click on ‘Points’ and ‘Payout’ in the members area). Furthermore, it speaks for itself that eBesucher can still be used to generate points and to turn them into advertising.

We are aware that deactivating the transfer feature means a constraint and that members and site-owners alike will be affected of this. Nevertheless, this step is well thought through and we hereby plan to focus on our core business. We see the future of eBesucher in the online marketing business and the eBesucher points-system should exclusively serve the purpose of the traffic and mail -exchange.

The deactivation of the transfer feature will take place in two phases:

  • Transition period 1: It will still be possible to transfer points through the members area and the external interface until the 30/11/2014. On December the 1st, the transfer feature will be deactivated.
  • Transition period 2: Between the 01/12/2014 and the 15/12/2014, a point-transfer can only be done manually. On the 16/12/2014, the manual transfer function will be deactivated.

We kindly ask you to make necessary arrangements: if you wish to transfer points to other members, please do so before the transition period has expired. The transfer feature will be disabled on the 16th of December 2014.

We have created a Question & Answer -section in our wiki. In case you have any further questions, feel free to contact our support.

Your eBesucher team

Multi-Device Feature


Dear eBesucher member,

we have developed a new feature which can be considered as the most important innovation in recent years. Especially for the active users of the traffic exchange, this feature should be of significant interest. Our programmers have invested a lot of time and spared no effort to implement the feature described below.

eBesucher now has a ‘Multi-Device Feature’
It is now possible to run the surfbar ( simultaneously on more than just one device! The surflink can thus be used simultaneously on the living room PC as well as on a tablet or any other device, which allows you to considerably increase your earnings. The only condition is that each device (e.g. PC, notebook or tablet) has to be connected to the Internet through a unique IP address.

Share your surfbar and multiply your earnings
Furthermore, the multi-device feature offers you a very convenient method to easily multiply your earnings. You can now give away the surfbar to friends and let them run the surfbar for you . Your friends do not need to sign up with eBesucher, no membership is required! The points that your friends have earned will be added to your balance.

Customize your own surflinks
You can also customize personal surflinks, for which we will offer you an independent earnings statistic. This can be useful in order to assess the success of a particular campaign, like for example when you give the link to a particular person or if you decide to publish the link on your blog. A surflink can be freely determined and is structured as follows:
‘’. The ending ‘.Example’ represents a variable and can be modified arbitrarily. In order to create a surflink, you only have to access it by entering it in the address bar of your browser. The surflink will be automatically listed in the members area (‘Traffic exchange’ > ‘Surflinks’), once it has been accessed. By clicking on the ‘magnifying glass’ icon (on the right), the respective statistics will be displayed.


A practical example: Mr. S. wants to promote his surfbar on a social network and wishes to get an independent statistic. He decides to name his surflink ‘’ and shares it with his friends. Once his friends have accessed the link and are using the surfbar, Mr. S. will earn traffic exchange points. Important: For his friends, the same rules apply as for registered members. The connection test has to be successful in order to run the surfbar.

We are glad to present this the new feature to all of you and wish you a successful time with eBesucher!

Your eBesucher team

Option to set a minimum connection speed

Dear eBesucher member,

We have yet implemented a new feature for every premium advertiser and sponsor. eBesucher now allows you to filter those IP addresses which fall below a manually defined connection speed. Whenever the connection speed of a surfbar user is too low, the website that is promoted through the traffic exchange may not be able to be displayed completely, this can have an effect on the website statistics, as well as on the statistics of the advertisement partner.

If you choose to define a minimum connection speed, please enter the members area and click on ‘Traffic exchange’ and ‘Manage pages’. Next, choose the respective website and click on ‘Edit’. The ‘Connection speed’ -section lets you define the minimum connection speed of the user that accesses your website. If the connection speed does not meet the demands, the user will not be able to visit your website.

connection speed

Note to all users of the traffic exchange: Please make sure that you leave enough bandwidth for the traffic exchange. If your connection speed meets the demands of most advertisers, you will benefit of a larger pool of websites that can be displayed and you are less likely to run out of ‘active websites’ when using the surfbar. Do also keep in mind that even if your bandwidth is quite large, the effective connection speed can be very low in case your internet connection is used for a variety of activities.

Your eBesucher team

Filtering of IP addresses which are located on a blacklist

Dear members,

With immediate effect, we now offer all our advertisers and sponsors the opportunity to filter those IP addresses that are listed on a DNSBL blacklist. The goal of such a blacklist is to collect IP addresses whose devices are infected with malware. This can be relevant for advertisers, since in terms of page load times and the average quality of the impressions, the traffic originating from those IP adresses can be below average.

We have however decided to not completely exclude such traffic from our service, since the terminal device (pc, laptop, etc.) can often not be assigned to a specific IP address. Especially mobile internet connections (UMTS and LTE), corporate networks, as well as hotspots and wireless Internet connections, which are usually connected to several devices and where the IP address can not be assigned to a particular terminal device, are affected of this. In addition, after an initilal registration on the DNSBL blacklist, IP addresses often remain listed for weeks, as their status is not being reviewed very often. When taking into consideration that a dynamic IP address is regularily assigned to a different user and device, the DNSBL Filter ultimately blocks legitimate traffic from accessing your site.

We therefore believe that every sponsor and advertiser should decide for himself, if he wants to ban IP addresses which are being listed on a blacklist. If you choose to activate the filter, please access the members area and click on ‘Traffic Exchange’ > ‘Manage Pages’, then access the website of your choice and click on ‘Edit’, choose the ‘Browser-Targeting’ -TAB and activate the field that blocks IP addresses which are listed on a DNSBL blacklist.


Your eBesucher team

Raise of the minimum amount of transferable points

The minimum amount of points that is required to perform a transaction has recently been raised. The new limit is now at 200 MTP (mail exchange points) and 2000 BTP (traffic exchange points). We hereby intend to relieve the server by restricting the interface traffic on slightly larger transactions.
We hope that the current solution is acceptable and thank you for your understanding.
Your eBesucher team

New features for the traffic exchange

Dear eBesucher member,

Today, we have implemented an update for the traffic exchange. After an extended testing period, we are now ready to release three new features.

1. Scroll page content

The fade-in effect “scroll page content”, ensures that the advertised page in the surfbar automatically scrolls from the top to the bottom and from the left to the right. Any website with a lot of content can thus increase the visibility and present more content to the visitor. Whoever values that large parts of the website are being displayed within a short amount of time, should consider activating this option. The additional cost for this feature is only 0.2 BTP for each impression. Have a look at the sample video.

Scroll page content

2. Fullscreen advertisement: Turbo-Mode deactivated

As an alternative to the former feature, a webmaster can now also request having his site displayed as a stand-alone advertisement. In this case, the turbo-mode will be deactivated and your site will be advertised exclusively, no other website will be promoted. Please note: Since your ad will take over additional advertising space, double time costs must be charged when using this feature (costs for promoting the website * 2)

Fullscreen advertisement

3. Advanced visibility test

The advanced visibility test is a further measure that aims to ensure a consistent stream of high quality traffic. If this feature is activated, our system will use the HTML5 Visibility API in order to assess whether the page is displayed within the visible area of the visitors screen. The impression will only be counted unless the visibility test delivers a positive result.

Advanced visibility test

Those new features will be available to all premium members and with immediate effect. In order to apply the changes to your site, please enter the members area and click on ‘Traffic Exchange’ –> ‘Manage Pages’ then go on the respective site, click on ‘Edit’ and choose the ‘Page-TAB’ in order to apply the changes. We look forward to your feedback and hope that the extensions will be a benefit to you.

Your eBesucher team

We are half a million!

Dear Members,

eBesucher continues to grow at a rapid pace and has now reached a new milestone with more that half a million members.

We would like to thank all of you for your trust and hope that this positive trend will continue. We work every day to improve our software and server performance to deliver better usability for our users.

Best wishes,

Your eBesucher team

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014!

Dear eBesucher member,

as the days go by, the year draws to a close. It is safe to say that for eBesucher, 2013 has been a successfull year, which will be remembered. Looking back with satisfaction, we are going to give a résumé of the most important events and incidents that have shaped the elapsing calendar year:
  • February 2013:
    • Improvement of the Geo-Targeting feature
  • March 2013:
    • The Spanish version of eBesucher goes online
    • The Surfbar-Extension for Mozilla Firefox has been released
  • May 2013:
    • The French version of eBesucher goes online
    • Implementation of the Single-Use Interface Password
  • September 2013:
    • Update of the eBesucher Restarter
    • New Feature for the Traffic Exchange: Filtering the access on your site through the browser language
  • October 2013:
    • New Feature for the Traffic Exchange: The Hostname Filter
  • December 2013:
    • We have welcomed the 400.000th member!

Within the course of the year, eBesucher has also turned into a limited liability company (TurboAd GmbH) and has thus improved on a legal level. Furthermore, we have enlisted new staff members – the eBesucher team now counts more than a dozen players. We are thus trying to ensure that the support of our members and the supervision of the participating sites can be continuously guaranteed on a high level. Having said that, we also want to emphasize that we take critical voices, especially regarding the proper functioning of the surfbar, very seriously. We will not neglect this issue and continue to work hard in order to satisfy the needs and expectations of our members.

We will also be able to release a few new improvements. A new API interface as well as other features that will elaborate the overall functionality are awaiting you, stay tuned!

We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’s Eve!

With Christmas greetings
Your eBesucher team

eBesucher celebrates its 11th birthday!

Dear Members,

It is exactly 11 years ago that eBesucher went online! What was originally conceived as a pure hobby project developed quickly into one of the largest visitor and mail exchange services worldwide. Today, almost 400 000 members have signed up on eBesucher and thousands are using our service on a daily basis.

We would like to use this occasion  to thank all our members for contributing to the success of our community. All of this would not have been possible without each one of you! Despite the achievements, we are looking forward to developing eBesucher further. Some important features, such as a new interface, are set to be released in the near future!

If you have already signed up on eBesucher, you should have a look at our facebook page, we are celebrating our birthday and are gving away many eBesucher related goods to our members!

For those of you who have not been around for a while: Using the surfbar or reactivating the mail exchange can be quite promising. We have grown rapidly and many new features are awaiting you.

Your eBesucher team


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