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Deactivation of the Transfer Feature

Dear members,

After a longer reflection period, we have decided to discontinue the point transfer feature. In the near future, it will thus no longer be possible to transfer points from one user to another – either in the members area, nor through the interface. The traffic exchange points (BTP) and the mail exchange points (MTP) can then solely be transferred between eBesucher and a user. Those of you who decide to advertise through eBesucher will still be able to purchase points through the ‘Buy advertising’ -section. Any member that chooses to exchange his points into money will still be able to do so through the members area (click on ‘Points’ and ‘Payout’ in the members area). Furthermore, it speaks for itself that eBesucher can still be used to generate points and to turn them into advertising.

We are aware that deactivating the transfer feature means a constraint and that members and site-owners alike will be affected of this. Nevertheless, this step is well thought through and we hereby plan to focus on our core business. We see the future of eBesucher in the online marketing business and the eBesucher points-system should exclusively serve the purpose of the traffic and mail -exchange.

The deactivation of the transfer feature will take place in two phases:

  • Transition period 1: It will still be possible to transfer points through the members area and the external interface until the 30/11/2014. On December the 1st, the transfer feature will be deactivated.
  • Transition period 2: Between the 01/12/2014 and the 15/12/2014, a point-transfer can only be done manually. On the 16/12/2014, the manual transfer function will be deactivated.

We kindly ask you to make necessary arrangements: if you wish to transfer points to other members, please do so before the transition period has expired. The transfer feature will be disabled on the 16th of December 2014.

We have created a Question & Answer -section in our wiki. In case you have any further questions, feel free to contact our support.

Your eBesucher team

Changes to the Privacy Statement

Dear members,

We are always striving to make eBesucher better and more user-friendly. Regarding some recently added features, we had to update our data protection. It is important for us to always keep our policies up to date and to offer our members a complete transparency with regard to the processing of personal data. Thus, we announce that from now on a new privacy statement will go into effect. Please read the following infos carefully and go through the privacy statement. Do also note that any further use of this website will mean that you agree to those changes.

The new privacy statement

Some important modifications:

1. Collection, processing and use of your data
– Use of your personal data
– Dissemination of the mobile phone number for the purpose of sending SMS

2. Automatically collected data, cookies
– Storage of the IP address
– Use of commercially available techniques such as cookies and web beacons

3. Statistical analysis of the Hits
– Further information on the open source software Piwik
– Optional deactivation of Piwik cookies

4. Links to third party websites (social plugins)
– eBesucher assumes no responsibility for the content or the privacy statement from a third party
– Use of the “like-me” and “share” -button from

5. Right to information
– Right to correction, blocking or deletion of your own data

6. Data Security
– Encryption using SSL

This privacy statement applies to any interactions between a member and eBesucher. For questions and feedback, feel free to contact our customer support over the phone or by e-mail.

Your eBesucher Team

Raise of the minimum amount of transferable points

The minimum amount of points that is required to perform a transaction has recently been raised. The new limit is now at 200 MTP (mail exchange points) and 2000 BTP (traffic exchange points). We hereby intend to relieve the server by restricting the interface traffic on slightly larger transactions.
We hope that the current solution is acceptable and thank you for your understanding.
Your eBesucher team

eBesucher is now available in Spanish

Dear eBesucher member!

Our community is growing at a rapid pace and is gaining worldwide popularity. After an enduring but careful translation, we are happy to announce that eBesucher will now be available in the Spanish language. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages and the official language in many countries. It is also the first time that eBesucher has been translated into a latin language.

The translation enables members from Spanish speaking countries to use our service more efficiently, as many functions and opportunities on eBesucher should become easier to understand. In this regard, we hope that we will get the appropriate feedback and the eBesucher will continue to grow in Latin America, Spain and other respective countries.

Cease this opportunity and refer new members to eBesucher! Do you have friends or acquaintances who speak Spanish? Refer new members and we pay you a lifelong bonus of 8% on the earnings of your referral. You now have the opportunity to advertise your personal referral link in Spanish speaking countries. Your personal referral

We wish you continued luck as well as success on eBesucher and are delighted to see our community grow!

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