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eBesucher – A Portal For Explorers

For over a year, we have been working on realigning eBesucher and we are proud to announce that we have finally released a major update before the turn of the year. We hereby intend to lay the foundation for an extensive transformation, which aims at rendering the surfbar more attractive.

It is our ambition to listen to the wishes and needs of our loyal users and we seek to fulfill their needs wherever possible. Thus, our users will from now on have a major influence on the content of their personal surfbar. We will now offer them interesting and entertaining content, which is in accordance with and tailored to their personal interests.

Advantages for our users

You can access or visualize the different areas of interest through our main page and follow them if interested.


Depending on what areas of interest you have selected, we will display you ad-free content, which primarily has an informative and entertaining character. This allows us to bring some variety to the surfbar. At the same time, the ability to mention your personal interests will have a positive influence on your earnings.

Whether you would like to watch ad-free content or earn a bonus by visiting sites of our advertisers, can be defined in the members area, see Traffic Exchange > Settings.


Furthermore, you can now rate websites that are displayed in the surfbar. Let us know, which webpages are appealing to you, so that we can take your interests into consideration.


Advantages for advertisers

By improving the usability, we expect to increase the activity of our surfbar users. The surfbar will become more interesting, which will have a positive influence on the impact of the advertising campaigns. The innovations also form the basis for upcoming features, which will allow us to target the websites to your advertising needs.

We thank you all for your confidence and are looking forward to your feedback.

Happy New Year!

Your eBesucher Team

Christmas Greetings 2015

2015 draws to a close and just like every December, we would like to take this opportunity to look back at the events that have shaped this year for the eBesucher community.


We believe that the most important feature has been released in April: the eBesucher Bidding allows us to distribute the traffic according to the needs available resources. Users from countries that are highly targeted now have better earning opportunities and advertisers can save some points by promoting their projects in less targeted areas. At this point, we would like to summarize the main events of the expiring year:


  • Automatic Alignment of the Surfbar


  • New eBesucher Add-on for Mozilla Firefox


  • New Statistics
  • Additional Option for the Geo-Targeting Feature


  • eBesucher Bidding – Dynamic Advertising Costs


  • New Dashboard
  • New Features for Adding Websites

Major Update Yet to be Released

Just in time for New Years Eve, we will conduct a major update of eBesucher. We will publish a very important feature, that we have worked on throughout the year. Stay tuned!

Outlook For The Upcoming Year

Our ideas and reflections on the development of the surfbar are well advanced and quite a few new features are already in development. Our goal is to make the surfbar more interesting to all of you. In the end, we are convinced that the satisfaction of our users will always be in the interest of our advertisers and will have a positive influence on their needs and expectations. In this regard, we seek to offer our users more options, more entertainment and more variety. It remains to be said that the eBesucher Bidding will be developed further, as we plan to make it more transparent and handy.

We are looking forward to continue this project with you!

We wish all of you and your families a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Your eBesucher Team

Merry Christmas

New Dashboard and Premium Features

Within the last days, we have released a couple of new features.

Payment reference

When requesting a payout. you can now allocate a payment reference. You can enter up to 60 characters, which will be transmitted in addition to the payment number. Entering a payment reference is optional, the field can remain empty. Some of our members have requested this feature in order to assign the payouts more easily during the accounting process.


The Dashboard under Start & Infos has been renewed and updated to a contemporary design with a clear structure. We especially hope that this will allow our new members to orient themselves more easily. At the same time, all of the previously available functions will remain active.


Adding an advertising campaign

When adding a website to the surfbar, our Premium Plus members now have additional options at hand.

  • The feature Multiple subpages of one domain allows to add a Top-Level-Domain, together with up to 50 additional subpages.
  • The feature Multiple subpages per feed allows to add a feed. The feed can contain up to 50 different subpages. The feed URLs can be refreshed automatically by pressing a button in the members area.


In both cases, the subpages will be displayed randomly. Upon each access of the advertising campaign, one of the listed URLs will be accessed. Thus, the consumption rate refers to the advertising campaign, for example: If an advertising campaign contains 10 URLs and each one of these URLs should receive about 10 visitors / hour, the consumption rate of the advertising campaign should be set to 200 impressions / hour.

Adobe Flash Player Update

At the end of June, Adobe has released version of the Flash Player. The update has fixed a critical flaw. For several days now, older versions of the Flash Player are marked as unsafe and the web-browser has automatically deactivated the Flash plugin. We thus recommend all our members to uninstall the old version of the Flash Player and to install the update. This guarantees that more available websites can be displayed and that the earnings in the surfbar can be significantly higher.

This is where you can find out whether the Flash plugin is up-to-date:

Windows and MAC users can download the new Flash Player here:

Our wiki tells you how to activate the Flash Player in Firefox

Your eBesucher team

eBesucher Bidding – Dynamic Advertising Costs

For quite a while, eBesucher is experiencing a structural imbalance: countries like Germany are known to have a high number of advertisers who compete for impressions, whereas surfbar-users from non German-speaking countries or countries outside of Europe are competing for advertisers. For the later, the amount of websites that can be displayed in the surfbar is often insufficient. The following update aims to counteract this effect seeks to provide a balanced and especially fair distribution of the available resources.

eBesucher Bidding

Our solution to the above mentioned problem is the eBesucher Bidding and thus, the dynamic advertising costs. In the future, the costs for impressions will no longer be calculated statically (1 BTP / 15s, 2 BTP / 30s, etc.), but rather dynamic. This innovation has advantages for both the advertisers as well as the surfbar-users, which we will explain in the following post.

The eBesucher Bidding provides the option to specify the maximum amount that an advertiser is willing to pay for an impression in the surfbar. This amount can be considered as a bid which directly competes with the bids of the other advertisers. The highest bid outweighs all the other bids and leads to situation that the website with the highest priority will be immediately displayed in the surfbar. So the following applies: The higher the bid, the more users will be able to see your own website. Thus, the price as well the earnings that result from an impression of a website is dynamic.

eBesucher Bidding

Advantages for the surfbar-users

The dynamic advertising costs will strengthen the demand in countries, which have so far demonstrated an insufficient sponsor density. This will have a positive effect on the earnings of the surfbar-users.

Whenever advertisers are trying to outbid each other, the compensation will increase in those countries where the demand is already high. The increase in the costs for an impression will be passed on – to the usual conditions – to the surfbar users.

More infos can be found in our wiki.

Advantages for the advertisers

The dynamic advertising costs allow advertisers to place their ads in countries that have a low sponsor density at a very reasonable price. We will lower the advertising costs in those countries to less than 1 BTP / visitor. Advertising with eBesucher will thus become more affordable!

Furthermore, the advertisers can directly influence the priority of their advertising campaigns. The higher the bid, the more visitors will be able to see the website.


All of the added websites in the exchange will receive the standard offer of 1,0 BTP / 15s, this corresponds to the current pricing model, so nothing will change. The settings for the eBesucher Bidding are located in the members area under Traffic exchange > Manage pages > Edit  > Costs and Consumption 


The eBesucher Bidding will start on Monday the 20th of April at 12pm Central European Summer Time (UTC+02:00). We are happy to say that the dynamic bidding system allows us to respond to the needs of our users and advertisers!

New Statistics

Dear members,

On the demand of our surfbar-users and advertisers, we have renewed the interface of the visitor exchange statistics.

What’s New

A shortcoming of the visitor exchange statistics was that the statistics of the previous months could not be displayed in their entirety – detailed statistics could only be displayed for the current calender month. The recent improvements now allow you to have insight into the daily and hourly statistics of a previous month. Example: a surfbar-user can now query the exact earnings of the 3rd of November 2014 between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM.

New Design

Furthermore, the design of the interface has been improved: a slider allows you to easily switch between a specific month or year, the statistics will be directly displayed in the respective diagram. The recent improvements apply to all visitor exchange statistics, these include:

– Point earnings & Displayed websites
– Website impressions & Costs


Your eBesucher team

Additional Option for the Geo-Targeting Feature

Dear members,

we have recently added an additional option to the Geo-Targeting feature, which we would like to explain to you in the following.

Whois database

In order to determine the location of each surfbar-user, our system relies on a Whois database of an external service provider. Our experiences with this database are thoroughly positive: the database is updated on a weekly basis, which guarantees that IP address is localized correctly in more than 99% of the cases. A comparison with – an organisation responsible for the allocation of IP address ranges – can confirm these data. If you wish to access the database, you need to select the Whois settings in the members area.

Additional option

Despite the high accuracy of our Whois database, it can happen that an external webcounter assigns specific IP addresses to a false country of origin. Such discrepancies can be explained by the fact that not every webcounter relies on the same data sources.

At the request of some advertisers, we have developed the Whois + Adjustments method, which filters the concerned IP addresses and ensures that they are no longer associated to a particular country. Anyone who wants to ensure that only those visitors get to see his page, whose country of origin can be determined by an external webcounter, should activate the additional option Whois + Adjustments.


The settings can be adjusted in the members area by clicking on Traffic exchange and Settings.

Your ebesucher team

New Update of the eBesucher Add-on

Dear members,

Today, we have released the version 2.3.7 of the eBesucher add-on.

The following changes have been applied:

* the add-on is now compatible with Firefox 36
* we have improved the performance of the surfbar

We therefore strongly recommend to update the eBesucher add-on in order to have access to the latest version. In case you have any questions regarding the add-on, for feedback or suggestions, please contact our support or join the eBesucher community on our message board.

Your eBesucher team

How to update the Firefox Add-on automatically

Dear members,

We have just released and update for the recently published eBesucher add-on. The add-on has been optimized and does now also work in the private mode. In order to always have access to the latest add-on version, we recommend you to activate the automatic update feature. Firefox allows you to apply the following settings:

  1. Update all of your add-ons automatically
  2. Update only the eBesucher add-on automatically

Below, you will find a guide on how you can adjust your settings. Please note that this guide assumes that the eBesucher add-on has already been installed. Please advise our wiki for more infos on how to install the add-on.

1. Update all of your add-ons automatically

Step 1

Open the Mozilla Firefox browser and click on the Open Menu -button and on Add-ons.


Step 2

Click on the icon Tools for all add-ons.


Step 3

Activate the field that says Update Add-ons Automatically.


2. Update only the eBesucher add-on automatically

Step 1

Open the Mozilla Firefox browser and click on the Open Menu -button and on Add-ons.


Step 2

On the following page, you will see an entry that refers to the eBesucher add-on. Here, click on Options.


Step 3

Click the On-checkbox in order to activate automatic updates for the add-on.


The automatic updates have now been activated and you will no longer have to update the add-on manually.

Your eBesucher team

New eBesucher Add-on

Dear members,

The development of the new eBesucher add-on is finished. The add-on is now available to all our members. It can be downloaded in the members area by clicking on Traffic exchange > Surfbar > Firefox add-on.


Why do I need an Add-on?

The eBesucher add-on is a software for the Mozilla Firefox browser, which optimizes a surfing session with the eBesucher surfbar. In order to improve the earnings and to increase the stability of the surfbar, we recommend using the add-on instead of the normal link to the surfbar.

Since the previous add-on had a limited functionality, the new eBesucher add-on was designed from the ground up. It also comes with a completely new source code and a new layout.

New Features

Popup-Blocker, Cache and Cookie Cleanerrestarter

The most important new feature is the integrated cache and cookie cleaner. This allows you to automatically delete locally stored browser data, which improves the stability of the surfbar. Both the cache and the cookie cleaner can be set to automatically run every 6 hours, every day, week, or every month. Furthermore, the add-on is able to automatically close all tabs and additional popups. Simply activate the Popup-Blocker to proceed.

Using the add-on together with the restarter

A major disadvantage of the old add-on was that it could not be used together with the eBesucher restarter. As soon as the Firefox browser had crashed, a manual restart of the browser became necessary, else you would no longer earn any points.

The new add-on is now 100% compatible with the eBesucher restarter!

Please bear in mind that the add-on can not guarantee that your browser will not crash anymore. In order to run the surfbar without being interrupted, we recommend using the add-on in addition with the restarter.

Further modifications

  • The textlinks, the timer and the point earnings are now displayed.
  • The browser tab is highlighted graphically.
  • The add-on runs stable again and is less likely to crash.

What you should know

add-on_settingsAdvantages compared to the normal surfbar

  • The add-on can display sites that open a framebreaker. Those sites get you twice as many points.
  • The add-on is immune against sites that open a framebreaker or a JavaAlert window.
  • More active websites are available when using the add-on.


The add-on is compatible with Firefox version 31 or higher. It is however recommended to always use the latest Firefox browser.  A more complete description of the add-on as well as a manual that will guide you through the installation process, can be found in our wiki.

Your eBesucher team

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