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✪ ✪ eBesucher Jackpot ✪ ✪

Just in time with the beginning of summer, we present you a new feature for the eBesucher addon: the Jackpot for the click campaigns!

As already announced, we are developing new features for the click campaigns. The jackpot stands as the first major feature.

Jackpot for clicks

eBesucher Jackpot For Visitors

Install the eBesucher addon for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Visit a click campaign on one of the interest areas and wait for the landing page to build up.

With a little luck, the landing page will load one or more jackpot graphics. Click on these graphics and get additional bonus points for each click.

Important: The jackpot graphic is only shown for a few seconds, so you have to be attentive!

Goal of The Jackpot

Active and interested visitors are of particular interest to the advertisers. To find the jackpot, a visitor must search the landing page and engage with the content. The jackpot feature is a reward for visitors who actively participate and show a great interest in the advertised websites.

Jackpot For Advertisers

Advertisers benefit from the jackpot as the visitor pays more attention to the advertised website. In addition, the jackpot provides clicks on the website of an advertiser. An advertiser can influence the number of times a jackpot appears by placing the bid above the average bid. The jackpot is funded via the eBesucher Bidding. The advertiser never pays more than the maximum bid of the campaign.

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