Christmas Greetings 2019

Dear Users,

Ho-Ho-Ho! Advent is taking its final turn and Christmas is just around the corner.

2020 will already mark our 18th year of service (!) and like every December, we invite you to take a look back at the outgoing year.

Weihnachten 2019

2019 Release of The eBesucher Jackpot!

This year was mainly about improving and developing the eBesucher addon. A process that is still in the making and which allows us to come up with more exciting features in the upcoming year. Without any doubt, the biggest innovation in 2019 was the introduction of the eBesucher Jackpot.

The eBesucher Jackpot adds a powerful and entertaining feature to the click ads. It allows users to earn more points and advertisers to get more interactions on their websites. Advertisers who are following us closely have most likely realized that since recently, they can use the Jackpot to advertise a specific element on their website.

Your feedback regarding the eBesucher Jackpot has inspired and motivated us – as mentioned above – to come up with new cool features of this kind. We want to entertain you and at the same time, improve the advertising campaigns of each Webmaster that choses to advertise with us.

We already have many awesome and cool ideas that are waiting to be implemented. We are more than confident that this will cause genuine excitement throughout our user base in 2020!

Welcome 2020 With The Surfbar, The Click Campaigns And Paid E-Mail Advertising

Within the course of the outcoming year, we have applied a complete and coherent revision of the control panel for advertising in the surfbar and the click campaigns.

Furthermore, we have added the option to easily multiply advertising emails in different interest areas. We have added many new videos to our Youtube Channel and thank you for the increasing feedback on social media. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube if you haven’t done so yet!

🎄🎅🦌 Merry Christmas And a Happy New Year! 🍾🎆🧨

We thank all of you for your loyalty and wish you a splendid christmas holidays and a happy new year!

See you in the new decade!

Your eBesucher Team

✪ ✪ eBesucher Jackpot ✪ ✪

Just in time with the beginning of summer, we present you a new feature for the eBesucher addon: the Jackpot for the click campaigns!

As already announced, we are developing new features for the click campaigns. The jackpot stands as the first major feature.

Jackpot for clicks

eBesucher Jackpot For Visitors

Install the eBesucher addon for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Visit a click campaign on one of the interest areas and wait for the landing page to build up.

With a little luck, the landing page will load one or more jackpot graphics. Click on these graphics and get additional bonus points for each click.

Important: The jackpot graphic is only shown for a few seconds, so you have to be attentive!

Goal of The Jackpot

Active and interested visitors are of particular interest to the advertisers. To find the jackpot, a visitor must search the landing page and engage with the content. The jackpot feature is a reward for visitors who actively participate and show a great interest in the advertised websites.

Jackpot For Advertisers

Advertisers benefit from the jackpot as the visitor pays more attention to the advertised website. In addition, the jackpot provides clicks on the website of an advertiser. An advertiser can influence the number of times a jackpot appears by placing the bid above the average bid. The jackpot is funded via the eBesucher Bidding. The advertiser never pays more than the maximum bid of the campaign.

Send E-Mail Advertising – Duplicate E-Mail Template

E-Mail Marketing: Create E-Mail Advertising

Many Advertising E-Mails on eBesucher can be assigned and dispatched to different interest areas. However until now, a mail template could only be created in one single distinct interest area.

In order for your E-Mail Marketing to be successful, keep in mind a few things: In addition to the subject, the text, and the HTML formatting, an individual area of interest must be selected. These aspects are important in order to win the attention of the recipient.

What so far made this whole process complicated was that in order to advertise the E-Mail in another interest area, the advertising campaign had to be re-entered manually.

This was definitely not convenient for our advertisers. Therefore, we have now improved the interface: E -Mail templates can now be duplicated in different interest areas via the portal for advertisers.

As a reminder, a detailed guide to the question How do I create an advertising email? can be found in the FAQ for advertisers.

Duplicate E-Mail Advertising

E-Mail Advertising is created through the portal for advertisers, see Mails > Manage Campaigns. All created mail templates are listed there. To advertise an already created advertising E-Mail in another interest area, the template can now be duplicated using the “+” icon on the right side of the screen.

Duplicate E-Mail Template

Click on the icon to open an popup window. Here, the new interest areas must be selected. Then, give your consent by clicking Duplicate Mail Template. That’s it: the new mail templates will automatically appear in the list.

Duplicate mail template in different interest areas

The newly created templates inherit the status of the original Advertising E-Mail. If the initial Advertising E-Mail has been activated, the duplicated mails can be sent directly to the recipients.

Send E-Mail Advertising on eBesucher

You have not yet booked any E-Mail Advertising? Send anonymous and exclusive E-Mails with eBesucher! Neither the recipients’ E-Mail addresses nor your own addresses are disclosed publicly. You are legally on the safe side, because all recipients have agreed to receive your advertising.

More information about the E-Mail Advertising can be found in the FAQ for advertisers. For all further information our support is available for you!

Christmas Greetings 2018

The Advent season passes by fast and Christmas is there. For us as a team, this means taking the time to assess the events of the past 12 months. What was good? what else can we improve? One thing is certain: it was a very eventful year, as we were able to successfully implement some long-planned features and set the course for the future. As every year, we want to look back on the most important events. A review, which we like to share with you:



  • The year begins with a release of one of the biggest features of the past few years: the click campaigns. In addition to the mail exchange and the surfbar, there is yet an another tool for discovering websites. It has been a successful start of a feature that will be developed continuously and in which we see a lot of potential for the future.


  • eBesucher has grown significantly in recent years. By separating the portal for advertisers from the members area, the platform is easier to apprehend, especially for new users.




  • Besides the click campaigns, this is the second important feature of the year: the new eBesucher addon for the surfbar and click campaigns has been released.


OutlookChristmas Greetings 2018

The eBesucher addon is currently under development. We are planning on implementing interactive and exciting features for the click campaigns. In addition, we will continue working on the user experience. In this regard, we invite you to to post feedback, requests or criticism.

Last but not least, a big thank you to you all! Thank you for your loyalty, for your feedback and for your fun while surfing, advertising and discovering!

The best Christmas greetings and a happy new year wishes you

Your eBesucher team





eBesucher Addon Update

ebesucher addon browser menu
The first major update of the eBesucher Addon has been released today!

The most important fixes & features:

  • The addon now provides a handy and useful browser interface.
  • Visual errors regarding the display of the click ads have been fixed.
  • The loading times have been optimized

At this point, we would like to thank all of you for your valuable feedback and invite you to mention your critique regarding the addon.

The feedback can be sent to our support team or mentioned in the Chrome Webstore or the Mozilla Website.

Thank you all for your continuous support!

eBesucher Addon Update (Google Chrome)

The new eBesucher addon in the Chrome Webstore is currently being updated. The addon can temporarily not be installed from the Chrome Webstore, as the download-link is temporarily not available.

All users who have already downloaded the addon can of course continue using it.

The new eBesucher addon can still be downloaded and used in Mozilla Firefox, nothing has changed here.

Thank you for your patience and have fun getting paid while surfing!


New eBesucher Addon!

eBesucher Addon For Google Chrome And Mozilla Firefox (BETA)

In the recent months, our developers have spent a lot of time on the new eBesucher addon. Our goal was to create a powerful addon that works for Mozilla Firefox as well as Google Chrome, that is maintained by current technology, guarantees maximum compatibility and thus offers users of the click ads as well as the surfbar an added value.

The entire eBesucher team is thus pleased to announce that the development of the first version of the eBesucher addon (BETA) has now been completed.

Advantages of The eBesucher Addon

  • Optimize profits: you can earn more points, since the addon can display all advertising campaigns.
  • When accessing a surflink, the surfbar starts automatically.
  • The surfbar works without a second tab or the surfbar helper.
  • The surfbar can be launched by using the eBesucher Restarter.

eBesucher Addon

eBesucher Addon For The Surfbar

Open the link to the surfbar, the eBesucher addon then starts automatically and appears in the lower left corner of the displayed website.

When using the addon for the surfbar, it may happen that the addon is not visible on some websites. This is because of the individual frontend style of the advertised campaign URL. However, the addon keeps working in the background and as soon as the retention time has elapsed, you will get the points for visiting the site.


eBesucher Addon For The Click Ads

Visit an interest area, click an ad and wait until the eBesucher addon is loaded in the lower left corner of the target site. The addon will load a timer that displays the retention time. As soon as you have received the points, the addon will turn green.

This first version of the eBesucher addon allows you to get paid for clicking ads, even if the tab of the interest area has been closed. We are planning some new and exclusive features for the click ads, which require the use of the eBesucher addon. Stay tuned!


Key Symbols

  • Problem melden = See previously visited websites or report a rule violation.
  • Pause = Pause the eBesucher addon.
  • Play = Start the eBesucher addon.
  • Zeit = Time until the next website is displayed.


We are publishing the eBesucher addon as BETA. If you have feedback on the addon, please contact our support team. We are always welcoming valuable feedback, as it is essential for optimizing the eBesucher addon!

Last but not least, thank you all for your patience and for your continuous support!


ebesucher Addon für Mozilla Firefox eBesucher Addon für Google Chrome


New Avatars

With the last update, all members who do not yet use their own profile photo were assigned a standalone avatar. The avatar appears among other things in the comments, on the new eBesucher nickpage or on the feedback page.

You do not like your avatar and you wonder who chose your avatar? The avatar was randomly assigned to you and every user can of course change their profile picture at any time in the members area, see: username > profile.

What is The Purpose of an Avatar?

In the virtual world, an avatar serves as a visual feedback that makes it easier to identify a user. On eBesucher, the avatar replaces the plain-colored round icon, which displayed the first letter of the username. The avatar makes it easier to assign content to a user and to distinguish between identities in long discussions on the comments or feedback sites.


eBesucher Avatar

Profile picture

Profile image











Moving The eBesucher Message Board And New Nickpage

The implementation of the GDPR regulations has ultimately made us think about our message board. We thus decided to integrate the eBesucher message board on the eBesucher main website and deactivate the forum software. All threads and posts of the board have been transferred to


eBesucher message board

On the one hand, we regret this step, but this necessary measure is at the same time also a good opportunity to yet again take the next step forward. Since the onset of the age of social networks, the message board has become less important to our users. Furthermore, it has developed over the years and became another support and information platform that has also become vulnerable to spam and manual maintenance.

Our staff will be available for community discussions on TwitterFacebook or the eBesucher blog. Furthermore, you can also reach our support team by email.eBesucher nickpage


New Nickpage

Once you are logged into the members area, you can access your new Nickpage on eBesucher, see: Username Nickpage. The nickpage allows you to post your own text or to give hints regarding to your Website or campaigns. Furthermore, the nickpage displays your profile picture (avatar), which you can modify at any time in the members area, see: Username > Profile.





Surfbar Update & HTTPS Support

Yesterday we released a major update of the website, the following changes go into effect, as of now.

After Mozilla applied further changes to the browser structure of the latest Firefox browser (version 61), using the browser in this version was limited for most of our users. Our developers have fixed the problem, the surfbar is now running in the latest version of the Firefox browser. We appreciate the patience of those who were unable to run the surfbar during the last week!

We also have some good news for advertisers. From now on, advertisers will be free to choose the website protocol of their ad campaign. This innovation concerns in particular websites that can only be reached via a https: // -protocol. These websites can now be registered and advertised both via the surfbar as well as via click campaigns and mail advertisement. If you want to advertise a previously registered campaign via the https:// -protocol, feel free to modify the URL in the portal for advertisers, see:  Visitors > Manage Campaigns > Edit campaign.

Add URL as https:// - buy visitors

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